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Welcome To - The "Six Sides of Service" of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D.


The Six Sides of Service of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D.

Dually Hemispheric Service… For Your Health, Happiness & Hope!

Kenny Davin Fine, M.D. has spent his career… his life... serving people with his knack for knowledge and Truth, his G-d given creative talent, and his goodness of heart. A self-proclaimed “Physician-Musician on a Mission”, Kenny marries his love of science and his successful medical career with his musicality and creative spirit, to not only deliver Health, Happiness, and Hope to a society in much need of such, but also to bring people to the goodness of G-d as well. A Renaissance man, Kenny Fine believes that to be the best version of ourselves, we must utilize both sides of our brain, to be “dually hemispheric” as he says, and to identify our “True and Only” selves, bringing that Truth to others and inspiring them to pay it forward.

The Six Sides of Service (SixSOS) forms the heart of this mission and is a culmination of his life and career in spreading goodness through Science and Medical Innovation, Public Health Education, Organic SuperFood Solutions, Original Songs - Music and Lyrics, a Musical Children’s Health Curriculum, and a Spiritual Health Initiative. It is his desire to inspire us to our highest potential that has fueled the evolution of more than a decade of online service-oriented websites into .

The spiritual-metaphysical symbology of the Six Sides of Service model is symbolized by G-d’s presence around us in six directions, and our need and would-be desire to embrace our Creator in these six directions:
East - Rising Sun – prospect of a new day, a new way, change
South - Southern Wind – warming us, letting us live and keeping us from cold, discomfort, hardship
West - Setting Sun – gratitude for the passing day, for life
North - upward on the map, the mountains in the North, the “Higher Ground” of spiritual consciousness, what we aspire to ultimately be
Down - the rock and earth on which we stand, on which we firm our foundation – grounding us, supporting us, “mother earth”/ “mother of creation" principle
Up - heaven, the sky, where our human nature leads us to look and connect to G-d; the true Source from which we draw inspiration and life force, “Our Father who art in heaven…”

Within each of The Six Sides of Service and their importance to Kenny Davin Fine - the Physician, the Musician, the Spiritual Journeyman, the Visionary, and the Missionary - you find many additional sub-sides as well.

  1. Science-Medicine Innovation
    As a board-certified internal medicine M.D. and gastroenterologist, as a medical researcher and clinical laboratory director, as a nutrition and food sensitivity expert, and as an internet medicine pioneer, Dr. Kenneth Fine has been a trailblazer and a true innovator. Utilizing original patented technology, he forged his path of medical public service in 2000 with, among other things, an online clinical laboratory for intestinal health called at (Entero- means intestinal in Latin) and one of the first-ever free public medical informational websites called Both of these websites still function fully in these purposes today. It was this dedication to both public health service and technological innovation that led Dr. Fine in 2000 to leave his 15-year post in academic medicine to commit himself to a full-time professional life of public Health, Happiness, and Hope, both for adults and children alike.

  2. Public Health Education
    It was also in 2000 that Dr. Fine founded the IRS-approved, 501(c)(3) Intestinal Health Institute (IHI), a Non-Profit Public Health and Educational Institute, serving as its Director from inception to date. Dr. Fine was one of the first medical doctors to launch such an institute for the purpose of facilitating medical research, while bringing the practical applications of that research directly to the public in both on-line campaigns (at, and live conferences and seminars. The IHI is the backbone of Dr. Kenny Davin Fine’s passionate and compassionate presence as a Public Health Educator. (Despite his multifaceted professional roles, if you ask Dr. Ken what his job is, he will answer “I’m a Public Health Educator.”)

  3. Organic SuperFood Solutions
    As the organizer and executor of neighborhood organic food co-ops for more than a dozen years, and with an organic SuperFood web site called, Dr. Fine has another opportunity to share the Goodness, and to preach what he practices. “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” was an ancient dictum that Kenny still upholds today, both in his personal life and in this part of his health service profession. It is the mission of The Organic Alternative to not only bring to the public “Better Food at Lower Prices”, but also to encourage people to make healthier food choices when choosing alternatives to Western dietary staples like flour and dairy, and to deliver credible health information along with healthier food. The Organic Alternative is thus “Real Health Food from Real Health Professionals”! He and his nutritionist staff not only educate us on what foods to eat, but Dr. Fine additionally executed his inventive mind and life-long experience as a healthful eater in the development of his own line of nutritional products, most of which are derived from an organic blueberry farm with which he is associated. He additionally brings the value of these products and food to his communities through his conferences and educational programs as well.

  4. The Healing Voice – Music with a Purpose
    Perhaps at the very core of Kenny Davin Fine is his love for music and his desire to ignite the heart-lights in everyone he meets with his music, words, and song lyrics. A singer/songwriter, Kenny writes and records what he deems “Music with a Purpose: to Entertain, Educate, and Enlighten.” Most recently, he has furthered the missionary function of his music with a social program to “Musically Inspire Goodness… For Goodness’ Sake”, based on the message and lyrics of one of his inspirational songs, “The Circle of Life (There’s no Time to Waste)”. This program, called “Be the Circle” (, encourages us all to smile on one another, share our Light with one another, and inspire each other to be as successful and healthful as we can be. Kenny has developed a concept based on “11 Points of Light of the Circle of Life”, exacting just how this can be done without and within. Knowing that his mission on earth is to bring Health, Happiness, and Hope to the world, and realizing that within the word “Health” is “Heal”, Kenny has truly connected with his “Healing Voice.”

  5. Children’s Health Curriculum
    Kenny Davin Fine is a concerned father not only to his daughter but to all the children of the world, and it is this concern that has been a driving force in the creation and dissemination of his musical children’s health program called “Get on a Mission of Nutrition” ( Dr. Fine has incorporated his passion and professional singing and songwriting musical skills into this multimedia public educational campaign that teaches children healthier lifestyles. "Get on a Mission of Nutrition", which is geared to grade schoolers and their parents, teaches kids about nutrition and healthful living in a fun, easy-to-learn way. The audio music CDs, music-video DVDs, and written material promote and educate on nutrition and health-awareness; the importance of exercise and eating right; the anatomy and physiology of digestion; the importance of staying away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs; and fostering the development positive attitudes and values. To make learning as fun as possible for the children, the campaign centers on music that Dr. Fine has written and professionally recorded that promotes these ideas to the kids. A professionally prepared curriculum helps 4th grade teachers (or parents at home) enact these lessons.

  6. Spiritual Health Initiative
    As a Spiritual Journeyman and a true man of G-d, Dr. Ken travels the country inspiring and spreading goodness and spiritual health. Forming the current core of this Spiritual Health Initiative are his inspirational lectures and musical lectures as part of what he calls “The Higher Truth of Health”, and his active plans for The ReGenesis Center, a Spiritual Health and Healing Center providing educational programs and recreational activities in a beautiful natural setting where people can Re-Create, Re-Juvenate, Re-Orientate, and Re-Treat… ReGenesis. For the past several years, Kenny has applied the title of one of his best known inspirational music CD’s as the namesake of his Spiritual Initiative, “For Want of Higher Ground”. Time has shown, and will continue to tell that Kenny Davin Fine has reached a Higher Ground of Spiritual Consciousness, and he’s still climbing.



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