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Welcome To - The "Six Sides of Service" of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D.
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Meet Kenny Davin Fine on American Milestones

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As a Board Certified Internal Medicine M.D. and Gastroenterologist, Dr. Fine's medical research on intestinal disease and nutrition has been published in numerous prestigious national journals. Dr. Fine has established an online clinical laboratory for intestinal health called EnteroLab as well as the non-profit Intestinal Health Institute. Through its research, the institute helps people suffering from colitis, gluten sensitivity and intestinal diseases and provides strategy for living a long, healthy and happy life.

"The Six Sides of Service" of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D.

Serving Your Health, Happiness, and Hope with Science and Medical Innovation, Public Health Education, Organic SuperFood Solutions, a Healing Voice and Original Music, a Musical Children's Health Curriculum, and a Spiritual Health Initiative and Upcoming Retreat Center.

Kenny Davin Fine"Six Sides of Service" is a culmination of 13 years of public service work and creation of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D., a Physician-Musician on a Mission. Dr. Fine works to inspire us to unleash the GLITCH in our lives:

oodness/Gratitude, Love,
Inspiration, Truth, Creativity,
and Healing.

Dr. Fine's sole mission, both professionally and personally, is to improve your Health, Happiness, and Hope! A modern Renaissance Man, Kenny's work has developed along both scientific/medical and creative/artistic lines, utilizing his scientific, mathematical, medical, analytical left brain, and his creative, artistic, musical, and service-oriented right brain. He is, as he says, "Dually Hemispheric" and encourages all of us to be so as well. 

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